Auszüge aus dem Standard No.17 für die Sortierung von Schnittholz Europäischer Baumarten2023-01-13T17:48:17-08:00
Standard No. 18 Cover
WCLB Standard Grading Rules for West Coast & Imported Softwood Lumber, No. 18, 20222023-01-13T17:45:59-08:00
Simplified Span Tables for Light Frame Construction: Imported Species2021-08-14T20:07:07-07:00
TR-8 Span Tables for Headers and Girders for Domestic Species2021-07-14T07:06:25-07:00
AP-2: Allowable Properties for Dimension Lumber – Domestic and Imported Species2021-07-13T13:58:07-07:00
TR-7 Span Tables for Headers and Girders for European Species2021-06-27T06:38:59-07:00
TR-6 Determining the Allowable Design Values When Grade Stamps Have Multiple Species and/or Countries2021-05-25T05:12:48-07:00
TR-5 Maximum Allowable Stud Length Tables for European Species and Countries in High Wind Regions2021-05-05T21:08:54-07:00
How to Dry Lumber for Quality & Profit2020-10-23T22:10:57-07:00
AITC 26F-1-9E Floor Beams Live Load2020-10-20T23:57:41-07:00
AITC 26F-1-9E Roof Beams Construction Load2020-10-20T23:58:30-07:00
AITC 26F-1-9E Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-20T23:59:49-07:00
AITC SP-57 Floor Beams Live Load2020-10-21T00:01:17-07:00
AITC SP-71 Roof Beams Construction Load2020-10-21T00:02:03-07:00
AITC SP-72 Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-21T00:02:42-07:00
AITC SP-73 Floor Beams Live Load2020-10-21T00:04:00-07:00
AITC SP-Herzcoff Special Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-21T00:11:22-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Floor Beams Live Load Over 4802020-10-21T00:05:44-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Floor Beams Live Load2020-10-21T00:06:42-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Roof Beams Construction Load Over 2402020-10-21T00:07:35-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Roof Beams Construction Load2020-10-21T00:08:28-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Roof Beams Snow Load Over 2402020-10-21T00:09:16-07:00
AITC 16F-E10 Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-21T00:09:57-07:00
AITC DF-Special Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-21T00:12:14-07:00
AITC AC-FK Roof Beams Construction Load2020-10-21T00:15:41-07:00
AITC AC-FK Roof Beams Snow Load2020-10-21T00:16:23-07:00
AITC AC-FK Floor Beams Live Load2020-10-21T00:17:24-07:00
Moelven Valåsen AB2020-10-22T21:05:27-07:00
WCLIB Glued Lumber Certification and Quality Control Manual2020-10-20T17:19:32-07:00
WCLIB Standard for Machine Stress Rated Lumber2020-10-20T17:17:23-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Board of Directors – 2019-06-042020-10-20T15:01:44-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Grade & Technical Committee – 2019-10-302020-10-20T15:02:02-07:00
Meeting Minutes AITC TAC – 2019-10-312020-10-20T15:02:19-07:00
Meeting Minutes AITC TAC – 2020-05-132020-10-20T15:02:39-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Members – 2020-06-262020-10-20T15:03:00-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Board of Directors – 2020-06-262020-10-20T15:03:20-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Grade & Technical Committee – 2020-05-202020-10-20T15:03:40-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Board of Directors – 2019-12-052020-10-20T15:03:59-07:00
Meeting Minutes AITC Committee – 2019-11-212020-10-20T15:04:16-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Members – 2019-06-252020-10-20T15:04:39-07:00
Meeting Minutes PLIB Board of Directors – 2019-06-252020-10-20T15:04:58-07:00
Structural Wood Corporation2020-10-22T20:39:32-07:00
Bell Structural Solutions2020-10-22T20:45:07-07:00
Wentworth Institute of Technology2020-10-22T20:53:16-07:00
TJC and Associates2022-01-06T22:54:33-08:00
John F. Daughtry Engineering2020-10-22T20:54:16-07:00
California Department of Transportation, District 32020-10-22T20:54:44-07:00
Architectural Structural Components2021-01-13T06:35:20-08:00
CANDE Ingenieros S.A. de C.V2020-10-22T20:55:50-07:00
Ziegler Holz2020-10-22T22:16:15-07:00
Vöcklamarkter Holzindustrie GmbH2020-10-22T22:10:23-07:00
Van Matre2020-10-22T22:09:15-07:00
Valley Milling & Lumber2020-10-22T21:05:59-07:00
Trout Creek2020-10-22T21:06:27-07:00
Stella Jones2020-10-22T22:03:30-07:00
SRF & Company2020-10-22T21:06:52-07:00
Rettenmeier Holzindustrie Ramstein GmbH2020-10-22T21:55:05-07:00
Polywood UAB2020-12-29T15:15:06-08:00
HS Timber Products2020-10-22T21:38:55-07:00
Better Built Truss2020-10-22T21:20:44-07:00
Tall Mass Timber Type of Construction Comparison2020-10-16T20:23:05-07:00
AWC TR10-2020
Calculating the Fire Resistance of Wood Members and Assemblies
PLIB Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws2020-10-08T18:06:26-07:00
PLIB Monthly Shipment and Service Report for Members2020-10-08T18:01:45-07:00
PLIB Monthly Shipment and Service Report for EU Members2020-10-08T17:59:40-07:00
PLIB Monthly Shipment and Service Report for WPM & HT Subscribers2020-10-08T17:55:22-07:00
PLIB Informe de Envío y Servicio para WPM & HT Subscribers2020-10-08T17:51:51-07:00
PLIB Monthly Shipping Report for Glulam2020-10-08T17:45:34-07:00
Certificate of Inspection Rules and Regulations for Authorized Signers2020-10-08T17:41:02-07:00
HT Certification Instructions2020-10-08T17:36:49-07:00
HT Certification Agreement2020-10-08T17:33:53-07:00
HT Certification Authorization2020-10-08T17:30:45-07:00
Stamp Order Form2020-10-08T17:27:39-07:00
Tally Sheet2020-10-08T17:24:58-07:00
PLIB Alcohol, Drugs and Controlled Substances Policy2020-10-08T06:08:53-07:00
PLIB Alcohol Policy for Company Sponsored Meetings & Events2020-10-08T06:09:16-07:00
PLIB Conflict of Interest Policy2020-11-11T19:40:25-08:00
PLIB Service Fee Policy2020-10-08T06:09:54-07:00
PLIB Record Retention and Document Destruction Policy2020-10-08T06:10:29-07:00
PLIB Whistleblower Policy2020-10-08T06:10:48-07:00
PLIB Registration Information Form2020-10-08T06:12:13-07:00
AITC Certified Fabricator Sample Manual2020-10-08T05:17:55-07:00
AITC Certified Fabricator Application2020-10-08T05:18:18-07:00
AITC Certification Process Outline2020-10-08T05:18:55-07:00
NDS 2018
National Design Specification for Wood Construction
ANSI 117-2020
Standard Specification for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Softwood Species
ANSI/TPI 1-2014
National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction
ANSI/APA PRG 320-2019
Standard for Performance-Rated Cross-Laminated Timber
ANSI A190.1-2017
Standard for Wood Products – Structural Glued Laminated Tımber
IAS Certificate of Accreditation for Wood Trusses, Glulam, Cross-Laminated Timber2020-10-14T19:07:03-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load SP-572020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
California Proposition 65 Regulations2020-10-15T15:24:52-07:00
Standard Patterns for Softwood Lumber2020-10-15T15:24:42-07:00
Structural Glued Laminated Timber in Religious Structures2020-10-15T15:22:19-07:00
Reglas de Clasificación Estándar para Madera de la Costa Oeste2020-10-15T15:20:44-07:00
AITC P-143
Superior Fire Resistance
Export ‘R’ List Grading & Dressing Rules2020-11-11T19:53:53-08:00
Norma No. 17 Madera de la Costa Oeste 20082020-11-11T19:53:05-08:00
TR-4: Assessing the Comparability of NDT Systems Using Standard Practices2020-10-06T15:54:40-07:00
TR-2: Tension/Bending Ratios of Machine-Stress Rated Lumber2020-10-06T15:45:23-07:00
TR-1: Comparing Machine Stress-Rated and Visually Graded Lumber in Walls and Columns2020-10-06T15:57:02-07:00
AP-3: Property Values by Species – Domestic Species2020-10-06T15:42:38-07:00
Interpretaciones de la Regala Norteamericana de Clasificación de Madera para Construcción de Coníferas2020-10-06T15:57:44-07:00
Norma No. 17: 13. Glosario de Definiciones y Tablas de Alabeo2020-10-06T16:46:14-07:00
Norma No. 17: 12. Patrones2020-10-06T16:46:39-07:00
Norma No. 17: 11. Estipulaciones de Reinspección2020-10-06T16:47:12-07:00
Norma No. 17: 10. Tabla de Largos Variados – Abreviaturas2020-10-06T16:47:50-07:00
Norma No. 17: 09. Tablas de Tamaños de Madera Cepillada y Sin Cepillar2020-10-06T16:48:45-07:00
Norma No. 17: 08. Medición de Características Madera MSR, Empalme Decola de Pescado2020-10-06T16:49:11-07:00
Norma No. 17: 07. Valores d Diseño2020-10-06T16:49:37-07:00
Norma No. 17: 06. Clases para Usos Especiales2020-10-06T16:50:35-07:00
Norma No. 17: 05. Vigas y Largueros, Postes y Maderos2020-10-06T16:50:58-07:00
Norma No. 17: 04. Terrazas, Cimientos2020-10-06T16:51:31-07:00
Norma No. 17: 03. Clases Nacionales – Madera para Entramados2020-10-06T16:51:56-07:00
Norma No. 17: 02. Tablas, Forro, Cimbra y Cercas2020-10-06T16:52:22-07:00
Norma No. 17: 01. Introducción Acabado, Peldaño y Piezas de Mejor Clase en Fardo2020-10-06T16:52:59-07:00
Standard No. 17: 13. Glossary of Definitions and Warp Charts2020-10-06T16:54:51-07:00
Standard No. 17: 12. Patterns2020-10-06T16:55:14-07:00
Standard No. 17: 11. Reinspection Provisions2020-10-06T16:55:35-07:00
Standard No. 17: 10. Table of Random Lengths, Abbreviations2020-10-06T16:55:59-07:00
Standard No. 17: 09. Tables of Surfaced Sizes – Rough Sizes2020-10-06T16:56:21-07:00
Standard No. 17: 08. Measurement of Characteristics MSR Lumber, Finger Joint2020-10-06T16:56:49-07:00
Standard No. 17: 07. Design Values2020-10-06T16:57:11-07:00
Standard No. 17: 06. Special Use Grades2020-10-06T16:57:37-07:00
Standard No. 17: 05. Beams and Stringers, Timbers and Posts2020-10-06T16:57:59-07:00
Standard No. 17: 04. Decking, Foundation2020-10-06T16:58:21-07:00
Standard No. 17: 03. National Grades – Framing Lumber2020-10-06T16:58:55-07:00
Standard No. 17: 02. Boards, Sheathing, Form Lumber, and Fencing2020-10-06T16:59:33-07:00
Standard No. 17: 01. Introduction, Stepping and Bundled Uppers2020-10-06T16:59:56-07:00
Standard No. 17: 0. Index2020-10-06T17:00:21-07:00
Interpretations for the National Grading Rules for Dimension Lumber2020-10-06T15:26:03-07:00
Southern Pine Section Properties2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Western Species Section Properties2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Table 4 – Pitched and Tapered Curved Beams (Curved Length = 1/4 Span)2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Table 3 – Pitched and Tapered Curved Beams (Curved Length = 1/4 Span)2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Table 2 – Pitched and Tapered Curved Beams (Curved Length = 1/4 Span)2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Table 1 – Pitched and Tapered Curved Beams (Curved Length = 1/4 Span)2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Design Table for Pitched and Curved Beams2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Arch Tables for Southern Pine2020-10-06T15:21:01-07:00
Arch Tables for Douglas Fir2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
SP Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.252020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
SP Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.152020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
SP Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.02020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
DF Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.252020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
DF Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.152020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
DF Column Table – Duration of Load = 1.02020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Composite Lumber – Southern Pine Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
SP Lumber – Southern Pine Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
50 ksi Steel – Southern Pine Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
36 ksi Steel – Southern Pine Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Composite Lumber – Western Species Glulam Conversion2020-10-15T15:15:35-07:00
DF-L Lumber – Western Species Glulam Conversion2020-10-15T15:16:33-07:00
50 ksi Steel – Western Species Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
36 ksi Steel – Western Species Glulam Conversion2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load SP-562020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Construction Load SP-552020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Floor Beams Floor Live Load SP-542020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load SP-532020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Construction Load SP-522020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Floor Beams Floor Live Load SP-492020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load SP-48a2020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Construction Load SP-482020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Floor Beams Floor Live Load DF-302020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load DF-292020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Construction Load DF-282020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Floor Beams Floor Live Load DF-272020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Snow Load DF-262020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
Roof Beams Construction Load DF-252020-10-06T15:21:02-07:00
AITC P-143
Laminated Timber Architecture
AITC 115-2009
Standard for Fabricated Structural Glued Laminated Timber Components and Assemblies
Test Methods for Structural Glued Laminated Limber2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
AITC 407-2005
Standard for alternate lumber grades for use in structural glued laminated timber
AITC 406-2005
Standard for proof-graded lumber for glued laminated timber
AITC 404-2005
Standard for radially reinforcing curved glued laminated timber members to resist radial tension
AITC 403-2005
Standard for end joint use in lamination repair
AITC 402-2005
Standard for Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) for use in structural glued laminated timber
AITC 401-2005
Standard for manufactured lumber for use in glued laminated timber
Timber Construction Manual, 6th edition, 20122020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
Arch Design Design of Tudor Arches with Structural Glued Laminated Timber2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-26 Design Values for Structural Glued Laminated Timber in Existing Structures (2007)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-25 Jobsite Care of Laminated Timbers in Arid Climates (2005)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-24 Guide for Specifying Structural Glued Laminated Timber (sample specification included) (2003)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-21 Volume Factor for Structural Glued Laminated Timber (2005)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-20 Guidelines to Minimize Moisture Entrapment in Panelized Wood Roof Systems (1992)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-19 Guidelines for Evaluation of Holes and Notches in Structural Glued Laminated Timber Beams (2012)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-18 Evaluation of Checks in Glued Laminated Timbers (2011)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-14 Use of Epoxies in Repair of Structural Glued Laminated Timber (2005)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-13 In-Service Inspection, Maintenance & Repair of Glued Laminated Timber Subject to Decay Conditions (2005)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-12 Designing Structural Glued Laminated Timber for Permanence (1992)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-11 Checking in Glued Laminated Timber (1987)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-10 AITC Quality Control Program (2005)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
TN-08 Bolts in Glued Laminated Timber (2010)2020-10-06T15:21:03-07:00
Western Lumber Grading Rules 20172020-11-11T19:57:09-08:00
Standard No. 17 Grading Rules for West Coast Lumber 20182023-01-13T13:55:26-08:00
NLGA Canadian Lumber Grading Manual2023-01-27T16:11:11-08:00
Standard Grading Rules for Canadian Lumber 20222023-01-27T16:11:08-08:00
Western Softwood Species & Grades2020-10-06T15:21:04-07:00
Ponderosa Pine Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04-07:00
Western Hem-Fir Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04-07:00
Douglas Fir Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04-07:00
AITC 104-2003
Typical Construction Details
AITC 109-2007
Standard for Preservative Treatment of Structural Glued Laminated Timber
AITC 110-2001
Standard Appearance Grades for Structural Glued Laminated Timber
AITC 111-2005
Recommended Practice for Protection of Structural Glued Laminated Timber During Transit, Storage and Erection
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Hatt Wood Specialties2020-10-22T21:09:49-07:00
Gemini Forest Products2020-10-22T21:10:16-07:00
AITC 113-2010
Standard for Dimensions of Structural Glued Laminated Timber
Gene Summy Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:10:45-07:00
Fox Lumber Sales Inc.2020-10-22T21:11:17-07:00
Belco Forest Products2020-10-22T21:18:53-07:00
AITC 119-1996
Standard Specifications for Structural Glued Laminated Timber of Hardwood Species
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D. R. Johnson Wood Innovations2020-10-22T21:26:14-07:00
Crenshaw Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:25:31-07:00
Channel Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:24:25-07:00
Capital Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:23:45-07:00
Buse Timber & Sales Inc.2020-10-22T21:23:01-07:00
BMC West Corporation2020-10-22T21:22:27-07:00
Blasen & Blasen Lumber Corporation2020-10-22T21:21:57-07:00
Binderholz GmbH2020-12-20T04:28:47-08:00
Bergs Timber AB2020-10-22T21:20:06-07:00
Ante-Holz GmbH2020-10-22T21:18:25-07:00
Anderson’s Custom Sawing2020-10-22T22:20:48-07:00
All-Coast Forest Products2020-10-22T21:17:09-07:00
Adobe Lumber2020-10-22T21:16:39-07:00
Rigidply Rafters2020-10-22T21:02:25-07:00
Laminated Timbers2020-10-22T21:03:21-07:00
Zip-O-Log Mills Inc.2020-10-22T22:16:57-07:00
Whiteman Lumber Co.2020-10-22T22:14:14-07:00
Weyerhaeuser Co.2020-10-22T22:13:16-07:00
Tolko Industries Ltd.2020-10-22T22:06:36-07:00
South Coast Lumber Co.2020-10-22T22:00:42-07:00
Socco Forest Products2020-10-22T21:12:27-07:00
Shasta Green Inc.2020-10-22T21:59:15-07:00
RSG Forest Products Inc.2020-10-22T21:56:49-07:00
Roseburg Forest Products2020-10-22T21:56:14-07:00
Rainier Custom Remanufacturing Inc.2020-10-22T21:54:10-07:00
Paulcan Enterprises Ltd.2020-10-22T21:52:31-07:00
Oregon Overseas Timber Co.2020-10-22T21:50:36-07:00
North Enderby Timber Ltd.2020-10-22T21:48:20-07:00
Manke Lumber Co. Inc.2020-10-22T21:12:57-07:00
Little River Inc.2020-10-23T21:00:12-07:00
Hy Mark Wood Products2020-10-22T21:40:24-07:00
Great Western Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:35:19-07:00
Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd.2020-10-22T21:33:03-07:00
Fritch Mill2020-10-22T21:31:28-07:00
Douglas County Forest Products2020-10-22T21:29:06-07:00
Dahlstrom Lumber Co.2020-10-22T21:26:43-07:00
Cowichan Lake Lumber2020-10-22T21:25:00-07:00
Billboard Lumber Products2020-10-22T21:13:35-07:00
WUI Regulations2020-10-15T15:24:13-07:00
Transient Grading and Inspection Services2020-10-15T15:24:00-07:00
Quality Control and Grading Services2020-10-15T15:23:43-07:00
PLIB in Europe2020-10-15T15:23:34-07:00
ISPM 15 Wood Packaging2020-10-15T15:22:59-07:00
Heat Treatment (HT) Certification and Supervision Services2020-10-15T15:22:47-07:00
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