One would be hard-pressed to find a greater accumulation of combined lumber industry knowledge than what exists among the PLIB staff. We frequently apply that knowledge through our consulting programs to help members and subscribers improve processes and achieve a wide variety of goals. Here are just a few examples of how producers have used our consulting services:

  • Our District Supervisors, with over 300 years of grading experience, have helped members improve processes ranging from grade and volume recovery to assist with setup and evaluation of new grade scanning equipment.
  • Our technical team has assisted producers who want to develop design values for structural lumber products manufactured from new species and/or countries that have previously not been approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee. PLIB’s team has developed many sampling and testing plans and taken these projects from the initial ALSC submission to final approval.
  • Our staff has assisted heat-treating facilities in setting up heat treating chambers, has provided invaluable advice on establishing efficient schedules, and has developed many custom schedules for members and subscribers.

We encourage members and subscribers to contact us to discuss your areas of concern. Once we understand the issue, we will assemble a team of staff members whose knowledge and experience best fit the project. Services are provided at cost. For additional information or to discuss an issue you may be facing, please contact us.