In response to requests from the building code and engineering communities, PLIB’s engineering staff has developed a comprehensive set of header and girder span tables for European species. The tables, along with the design criteria, assumptions and references used to develop them, appear in a newly published technical report, Technical Report No. 7 – Span Tables for Headers and Girders for European Species.  The publication is available as a free download from the PLIB website.

Technical Report No. 7 provides critical technical support to PLIB’s European members and non-members alike as well as to builders, code officials, engineers and retailers. At a time when lumber shortages are creating many challenges for builders, these tables ensure market access for European lumber which is quickly becoming an increasingly important lumber supplying region.

For more information on this publication or other engineering related questions, contact PLIB’s Director of Engineering Services, Henry Morris, at or (253) 835-3344.