Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau (PLIB) recognizes the critically important role certified lumber graders play in the successful operation of lumber manufacturing facilities. The moment by moment decisions made by certified lumber graders impact not only the final quality of the product that is delivered to the customer but also the reputation and profitability of the company. By ensuring that the graded lumber products meet the published grade rules and standards and thereby preventing claims, PLIB-certified lumber graders protect both consumers’ and producers’ interests.

At the foundation of the PLIB grade service program are the PLIB Supervisors, who have decades of experience working with manufacturers and the lumber products they make throughout the PLIB operating region, which covers most of the world’s softwood production zones Our inspectors possess deep knowledge about lumber manufacturing as well as processing, grading, scanning technology, lumber drying, and quality control. Our inspection staff shares this knowledge with member mill personnel through on-site grader training programs designed to help mill graders gain proficiency.

Grader Recognition

To acknowledge the men and women who perform this important work, PLIB has developed a grader recognition program for certified graders who meet specific criteria. Each year, certified graders who meet the specific criteria will receive a certificate based on their qualifications. There are two levels of recognition: Grader Recognition and Master Grader Recognition. For details on these programs please contact us.