Registration is now open for Oregon State University’s How to Dry Lumber for Quality and Profit. The workshop is now offered at three levels, CompleteBasics, and For Non-kiln Personnel, each designed to match the coursework to different levels of kiln responsibilities.

Lumber Drying Complete
Most comprehensive level and designed for workers managing kilns (24-36 hours, $795).
 - October 10 to December 10, 2022 with webinars on Tuesday mornings.
 - Available now to June 30, 2023, self-paced

Lumber Drying Basics
For individuals working at kilns.  It is comprehensive enough for most operators (12-15 hours, $495).
 - Available online until June 30th 2023, self-paced.

Lumber Drying for Non-kiln Personnel
For personnel who interact with kilns but do not operate them such as stacker operators, forklift drivers, maintenance personnel, and managers in other departments (less than 2 hours, $99).
 - Available online until June 30th 2023, self-paced.


The courses will be taught by Dr. Mike Milota, owner of Wood Moisture Solutions, LLC and Professor Emeritus, Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University.  Wood Moisture Solutions, LLC provides training and consulting for the lumber industry.

Please follow the link below for more information on the workshop as well as registration information.