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TR-4: Assessing the Comparability of NDT Systems Using Standard Practices2020-10-06T15:54:40+00:00
TR-2: Tension/Bending Ratios of Machine-Stress Rated Lumber2020-10-06T15:45:23+00:00
TR-1: Comparing Machine Stress-Rated and Visually Graded Lumber in Walls and Columns2020-10-06T15:57:02+00:00
AP-4: Property Values by Species – Imported Species2020-10-06T15:43:23+00:00
AP-3: Property Values by Species – Domestic Species2020-10-06T15:42:38+00:00
AP-2: Property Values by Species – All Species2020-10-06T15:40:50+00:00
Western Softwood Species & Grades2020-10-06T15:21:04+00:00
Ponderosa Pine Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04+00:00
Western Hem-Fir Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04+00:00
Douglas Fir Species Guide2020-10-06T15:21:04+00:00
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