The AITC Code of Ethics is subscribed to and enacted for practices of the members of the American Institute of Timber Construction to the end that the business of the industry may be conducted in a straightforward, fair and equitable manner toward the consumer, architect, engineer, contractor, designer and AITC member alike.

It is in this manner that the respect and confidence of the industry and the trade, which is of the foremost importance, shall be retained.

  1. All members shall adhere to the by-laws and generally promote the technical standards, procedures, and other precepts now in effect and as may be adopted by the Institute.
  2. All members shall clearly and completely describe, to an extent appropriate for each item, the quantities and qualities of materials to be furnished or which are proposed, in any document submitted to customers.
  3. All members shall preserve and promote standards of safety in the interest of the general public.
  4. All members shall recognize that it is not good business practice to unfairly defame competitors or their products.
  5. All members shall conduct their business in such a manner that they command the respect of the public for their industry and the goals toward which they strive; namely to improve their products, increase their efficiency and render a full measure of service.