Accurate fabrication is absolutely critical, as improperly fabricated glulam delivered to a job site can result in costly construction delays while waiting for replacement product to arrive.

Mishaps can be minimized by utilizing fabricators who have been certified through the AITC Timber Fabricators Program, designed to ensure conformance to the International Building Code (IBC)Section 1704.2.5 of the IBC requires that special inspectors be present during the fabrication of structural load-bearing members and assemblies, including wood fabrications (section 1705.5). Section 1704.2.5.1 offers an exception when a fabricator has a certification program in place. AITC’s program is designed to fulfill this requirement allowing an AITC Certified Fabricator to avoid the costly and time-consuming requirement for special inspectors. Moreover, there currently are no accredited wood fabrication special inspectors in the United States, making the fulfillment of this requirement impossible without some sort of approved certification program like AITC’s.

Becoming certified

  1. View the AITC Certification Process Outline.
  2. Download the Application.
  3. Please contact us for fee information, to acquire our sample manual, or with any questions.

For more information on glulam fabrication, see:

AITC 115 – Standard for Fabricated Structural Glued Laminated Timber Components and Assemblies.