Question on Western Red Cedar siding rules

RF from the UK asks…”I wonder if you can tell me if the grading rules for Western Red Cedar are available online.  We have purchased several thousand square meters of No. 2 Clear and Better cladding in the UK and our supplier is telling us it’s No. 2 Clear and Better…”

PLIB Response:

There are several different sets of rules for Western Red Cedar.  The one that applies to the wood you have will depend in part on what country the wood came from and also on the grade.

If the cedar came from Canada, then the rules that cover it may be those published by the National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Those rules are available on their website at  You will find the rules on their “publications” page.

If the cedar came from the U.S., the rules could be those published by the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau (WCLIB) in Portland, Oregon or rules published by the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) in Portland, Oregon.  The WCLIB rules are available on their website at You will want to look at Standard Grading Rules No. 17.  The WWPA rules are available at their website at You will find them under their “publications” page.

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) also publishes some proprietary rules for Western Red Cedar siding.  Their website is useful because you can go to the type of siding you have and they cross reference the various rules mentioned above that pertain to different grades of cedar siding, including their own proprietary rules when appropriate.  Here is a link to the siding page on their website which will get you started.

Finally, it is also possible (but not likely) that the wood was produced under our rules, the Export R List.  While they are not yet up on our website at this time, if you find that the wood you have was produced under an R List rule, let us know and we will email you the relevant rules.