Question on MX HT stamp on pallet used in wall

I have a pallet wit the code IPPC MX 899 HT.  I am building a pallet wall inside my house and I read a lot of stuff that said to look for certain marking on pallets. I read that the safest pallets to use inside have KD HT DB marks.  I came across MX and wasn’t sure what it was and I was wondering if this is good for use inside.

Thanks,  -RM-

PLIB Response:

Dear RM:

Your application sounds interesting and one I haven’t heard of. It would be nice to see a picture of it.

The mark you describe indicates that the pallet complies with ISPM 15, an international standard that was developed to help reduce the spread of wood-borne pests in solid wood packaging materials. Much more information on ISPM 15 can be found on our website under the Services tab/ISPM 15 Wood Packaging or by clicking here.  MX indicates the pallet was treated by a registered facility in Mexico with identification number 899.  HT indicates it was heat treated.

I would imagine that the reason people have advised using pallets with the HT mark is because pallets with that mark have been heated in a heating chamber or kiln to a specific temperature to kill most bugs and pathogens. KD refers to the moisture content of the wood, so a piece of wood that has KD usually means it has been dried to 19% or less moisture content. If kept in that condition, that would reduce the chance of mold. DB refers to debarked but we don’t use it in this country and it is typically not used anymore.

Good luck with your project.