Question on interpretation of maximum wane in Structural J&P

In the “Standard No. 17 Grading Rules for West Coast Lumber 2004” book [published by West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau] on p. 83 for example, “Structural Joists and Planks All West Coast Species” for “Select Structural” the wane definition/allowance states: “Wane – 1/4 the thickness and 1/4 the width full length, or equivalent on each face, provided that wane not exceed 1/2 the thickness or 1/3 the width for up to 1/4 the length. See paragraph 750.” My question is: for the maximum wane it uses “or” when describing the limits of 1/2 the thickness and 1/3 the width. Does that mean it has to be one or the other, or can you have both?


PLIB’s District Supervisor Glen Walton Responds:

The basic wane allowed in Select Structural J&P is 1/4 width and 1/4 thickness full length – you can have both. When it comes to the maximum wane allowed; however, you can only have maximum wane either on the narrow face or the wide face, but not both, in the same cross section.  So for example, if you had wane that was 1/2 the thickness in an area, it could not also be 1/3 the width.