Question on Grade Stamp placement

How far from the end of the piece must the grade stamp be?


PLIB Response:

Dear DL:

Thanks for your question.  There is no specific requirement concerning grade stamp placement.  Grade stamps can be located anywhere on the piece.  Placing them away from the end allows pieces to be trimmed in the field and still retain the stamp, but there is no rule that governs specifically where it has to be located along the length of the piece.  Grade stamps must contain certain elements (click here to learn more about that) and need to be legible.  Another thing to keep in mind is that any other additional information that is not part of the grade stamp must be at least 6” away from the grade stamp.  For example, if you are printing a proprietary grade name like “Premium” on the piece, that would need to be at least 6” away from the grade stamp.  The same holds true for grader IDs and production date stamps.