PLIB Welcomes New Member Vanport International, Inc.

December 2015 – Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau welcomes Vanport International, Inc. as its newest Member.  The Bureau brings it’s 113 year experience in export lumber grades to Vanport International, a leading Pacific Northwest provider of high quality wood products to the international marketplace. PLIB will be providing grade stamping and quality auditing services along with heat treatment (HT) certification services to Vanport’s sawmill in Boring, Oregon. 

Vanport has offices in the U.S., Canada and Russia and on-the-ground sales or support in Japan, Europe, South America and Asia.  In addition to being a producer of high quality lumber in both metric and imperial sizes, Vanport also partners with softwood and hardwood producers on both coasts in order to supply the overseas market demand for a wide range of forest products.

Japanese Teahouse at Vanport International, Inc.

Japanese Teahouse at Vanport International, Inc.

The PLIB Board of Directors approved Vanport’s application at it’s December meeting. PLIB has worked with many of Vanport’s suppliers over the years and the Bureau is excited to be working directly with them at their mill in Boring, OR.

PLIB has been active in the export lumber business since its inception in 1903. PLIB publishes the Export R List Grading and Dressing Rules, used for over half a century by producers and buyers of softwood export lumber products. For more information on the Export R List or to order a copy, visit the “Resources” tab on our home page or click here.