Monthly Archives: October 2015

PLIB Participates in Annual Technical JAS and BEC Meetings in Tokyo

The Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) Technical Committee and Building Experts Committee (BEC) technical meetings held in Tokyo September 14-16, 2015 drew 40 wood products delegates from Japan, Canada and the U.S.  PLIB’s Technical and Special Programs Manager, Ben Haynes, represented PLIB members. Also in attendance at the meetings were 11 other representatives from the U.S. forest products industry, 15 representatives from Canada and 13 representatives… Read more »

Question on interpretation of maximum wane in Structural J&P

In the “Standard No. 17 Grading Rules for West Coast Lumber 2004” book [published by West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau] on p. 83 for example, “Structural Joists and Planks All West Coast Species” for “Select Structural” the wane definition/allowance states: “Wane – 1/4 the thickness and 1/4 the width full length, or equivalent on each… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Monday, October 12, is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Did you know… Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday is always held on the second Monday of October but Canadians celebrate on the Saturday, Sunday, or Monday of the Thanksgiving long weekend.  It’s a statutory holiday in most provinces. The history of Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to the 1578 voyage… Read more »

Question on Grade Stamp placement

How far from the end of the piece must the grade stamp be? -DL- PLIB Response: Dear DL: Thanks for your question.  There is no specific requirement concerning grade stamp placement.  Grade stamps can be located anywhere on the piece.  Placing them away from the end allows pieces to be trimmed in the field and still… Read more »

Question on MX HT stamp on pallet used in wall

I have a pallet wit the code IPPC MX 899 HT.  I am building a pallet wall inside my house and I read a lot of stuff that said to look for certain marking on pallets. I read that the safest pallets to use inside have KD HT DB marks.  I came across MX and… Read more »